I come from a theatre background. There’s a tradition/old-fashioned adage that you should *never* turn your back to the audience. 

I think about this in relation to wedding ceremonies all the time. The tradition there seems to be quite the opposite – once everyone has come up the aisle, it’s common for the couple to turn to face the wedding celebrant with their backs to their guests until perhaps it is time to exchange vows or ring and they end up in profile.

I always ask my couples what they would like to do for their ceremony. 

Secretly, my preferred option is that once they have come up the aisle they stand (or sit if it’s more comfortable) alongside the wedding celebrant. That way, the guests can clearly see them: both their wedding outfits (which have probably only just been revealed) and their faces as they react to the wedding ceremony and their own story that is being told.

I’ve never properly looked into this but I’m sure wedding photographers would like the opportunity to photograph the couples face-on to capture the smiles, laughter and (maybe) tears during the wedding ceremony.

But, as always, what happens during the ceremony is down to the couple’s discretion. If you want to stand behind me, in front of me or even be in the next room, I can help to make that happen.