I write this during a very interesting time in the wedding industry. Not only is it attempting to bounce back after the huge disruption caused by the pandemic, but it is also on the cusp of huge change.

The government recently commissioned a report into legal weddings in England. The current model means only council registrars can conduct legal ceremonies in this country and these ceremonies must be conducted in registered venues such as hotels and registry offices.

Also, the wording included in those ceremonies hasn’t changed in almost 200 years! If you listen closely next time you are at a legal ceremony, you might notice the wording is fairly archaic.

The report has come back and has strongly recommended that the government change the law to be more in line with countries like Scotland and New Zealand. There, those who can legally marry people include civil celebrants (like me) and Humanists. And these ceremonies can take place anywhere – even outside! (Although a rain-free outside wedding is more guaranteed in New Zealand than here).

At time of writing, the law remains the same. But I’m hopeful that it will change soon and that when it does, I’ll be able to provide personal and original as well as legally binding wedding ceremonies.

Watch this space!